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GoHero came to me with very few ideas about what they wanted in a logo.  They wanted to use green as the main color and they really wanted it to look like a modern tech company.  Unlike other branding projects in my portfolio, this one started with purpose but no real direction, and I was tasked with coming up with the entire concept myself.

In this case study I'll show you the steps I take when creating a logo completely from scratch.


Word Mapping

The first thing I did was ask about the company and what their goals were, and how they wanted to be presented.  GoHero was meant to be and educational tool, sort of like Uber for finding a mentor for specific skill sets online.  The ideas they gave me were the sentence "elevating human potential" as well as the concept of education and a few other key words.

IMG_0371 copy.jpg



After word mapping, I presented the team with a few ideas.  The team chose the rocket ship because  it encompassed the spirit of exploration, education, reaching for the stars, "the sky is the limit" etc - all of that jazz.  In the spirit of staying focused, being decisive and moving quickly to market we moved on to the sketching process without further ado.  

I sketched out a bunch of ideas until I felt ready to execute a few concepts in Adobe Illustrator.




Execution and Revisions

Next, I pulled together a few different ideas of how to portray a rocket ship based on ideas I had sketched out and suggestions from the team.  We then revised the logos until we had the best versions of each concept.  Soon after we were able to decide on one logo design to bring to perfection.


Pictured on the right, you can see some of the revisions that ultimately lead to the final simplified, clean version of a rocket logo design.  


Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 9.08.13 AM.png
GoHero Logo.png


Completion of the Final Logo

After a few rounds of revisions, this is the final version of the GoHero logo.  In the end we all agreed that it hit all the right notes we intended to.  This logo is clean, simple, recognizable and a unique portrayal of a rocket ship - everything necessary for a good app logo in today's modern tech industry.

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